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Web Design & Branding

Josh Pride is a real estate investor that really wanted to take his business to the next level. Josh had his company, Lionfish Investment Group, but had no brand, no website, and no logo.

The Gumption Marketing team was able to take Josh’s ideas stuck in his mind and make them a reality he never thought was possible.

Logo Design & Brand Identity Kit

Logo design and branding is definitely an art form that is combined with the research and deep understanding of what the client’s likes and dislikes are, what the product or service is, the colors that are going to represent the brand, and what the design conveys to the end consumer.

Listen to Josh’s story in the video below….

Sales Funnel & Workflow

We created an interconnected sales funnel for Josh in order to have a more efficient workflow. Not only does this help with his marketing, but it creates a system so that he can focus more on creating content and building his business, while other tasks are handled automatically.

More Website Projects

Public Speaker & Coach

Richard Flint Seminars, Inc.

Retreats & Getaways

Richard Flint’s Couples Retreat

Running Event Management

Race Time Sports

Youth Sports Programs

Lake Brantley Pop Warner

Film Producer

Troy S. Krueger

Non-Profit Organization

Coast Guard Family Assistance Fund

Success Coach & Speaker

Resolutions Academy

Health & Wellness

d’Solve Lipo-Gel

Real Estate Investing

Josh Pride The Real Estate Guy

Real Estate Investing

Black Compass

Real Estate Agent

Brenda Kapsak Real Estate

Event Marketing Campaign

Festival Calle Orange is a hispanic culture based music and food festival put on by Rene’s Productions in Orlando, FL every year in October. With a short notice of only 4-weeks to market this large festival, there was quite a bit of work cutout for the project. The challenge was accepted and we pulled of a successful campaign with digital marketing and social media.

Contests & Giveaways

People love to win stuff, so doing online contests and giveaways are a great way to massively increase engagment on social media platforms, get more followers, and raise awareness for your brand or event.

We ran an online competition for Festival Calle Orange using Gleam for a chance to win VIP access and tickets to the festival. Using Gleam and running a paid advertising campaign through Facebook was an awesome combination to drive traffic and engagement for the event.

The rewarding part was getting to meet the winners and seeing their excitement and smiles.

What would a contest or giveaway do for your business? Let us help setup and manage a competition for you today.

Content Producing

Content producing entails several components and it’s what is going to attract your audience, so it must be done strategically and consistently. Whether it’s graphic design, images, videos, or just text updates, the content has to be relevant to the brand and something that will intrigue your audience to like, share, and want more.

For Festival Calle Orange, we created some graphic designs and took high quality photos to post to social media. We also produced a short promo video.

Paid Advertising

Digital marketing is definitely a cost of doing business in today’s world. There are so many platforms to utilize when it comes to paid advertising. The most popular ones are LinkedIn, Amazon, Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. 

In this case, we used Facebook Ads to run Festival Calle Orange’s paid advertising campaign. Since Facebook now owns Instagram, the ad placements run on both platforms, so we made sure to create an Instagram profile for the festival (which they didn’t have before). We received a great response rate creating the Instagram account alone, since many of the performing artists use it to promote their selves.

Calle Orange Event Ad

Ad created with existing promo video and driving traffic to the Facebook event page.

Event Ad Results

The metrics for the event ad were very pleasing, especially only being for two weeks. 

Calle Orange VIP Ad

Ad created for the VIP Giveaway that drives traffic to the Gleam entry page.

VIP Ad Results

The metrics for the VIP ad generated a lot of action and entries for the campaign.

Graphic Design & Photography

Graphic design and photography takes a keen eye and style. We’ve created content for social media posts, movie posters, flyers, business plans, logos, mock ups, and PDFs.

Promo Videos

Videos come in many different forms, like promotional, brand story, corporate, and informational, but they are all utilized for one general purpose – to provide information to your audience through visuals.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation videos are a pretty popular and fun way to deliver information to your audience. We can help you come up with some creative ideas like the video we did for the Small Sided Soccer Association.

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